December 22, 2011

Fall Into Reading 2011 Wrap-Up

I slacked on this challenge at first, figuring I had tons of time to read the 10 books I chose (link to my starting post).Yeah, not so much. By the time I realized it was almost over I had read only a few books and it was December already! So I buckled down and started knocking the books out. I almost didn't make it. I was halfway through the last book yesterday, so I stayed up until 2AM finishing it off. Good thing it was a good book so it wasn't that hard to keep turning the pages!

The books I read in no particular order are:
  1. Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie - My A- review
  2. Wild Card by Lora Leigh - My D- review
  3. Invisible by Lorena McCourtney - My C review
  4. Opposites Attract by Hailey North - My C+ review
  5. 2000 Kisses by Christina Skye - My D+ review
  6. Deeply, Desperately by Heather Webber - My A review
  7. Shadow Dance by Susan Andersen (re-read) - My A- review
  8. It Must Be Love by Rachel Gibson (re-read) - My A++ review
  9. Her Bodyguard by Michelle Jerott (re-read) - My A++ review
  10. Last Breath by Rachel Lee (re-read) - My A+ review
IT MUST BE LOVE by Rachel Gibson was definitely my favorite book during the challenge with HER BODYGUARD by Michelle Jerott being a close second. I had a lot of fun (even the mad dash at the end) and can't wait to participate next year!

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  1. I've not read It Must Be Love but I loved Rachel Gibson's Any Man of Mine. It's really good. I recommend it.


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