December 29, 2011

Review: Her Bodyguard by Michelle Jerott

Author - Michelle Jerott
Genre - Romantic Suspense
Series - N/A
Format - Paperback (384p.)
Rating - ♥ 5/5 stars ♥
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The Rich Girl
Why would someone try to kidnap Lili Kavanaugh? She's a shoe designer, for heaven's sake! It was just a fluke — she certainly doesn't need a bodyguard, despite her overprotective family's opinion.

Enter Matt Hawkins: tall, dark, and dangerous bodyguard extraordinaire. A man who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. A man who makes Lili shiver — and not from fear. And a man who refuses to see Lili as more than a job, even though she's seen the heat in his eyes when he looks at her. Well… she'll just have to fix that!

vs. The Big Bad Wolf
All Matt wants is the fee he'll collect from this job to finally start his own agency. But Lili's zest for life points up how tunnel-visioned he's become. So when she demands to know if he doesn't want more out of life, what can a strong man say… except I do?

• Review •
Another favorite! I loved the writing and the plot/sub-plot so hard. The humor was a bit more subtle than I normally go for, but it really works with HER BODYGUARD. The descriptions of places and people was on point. Which I, of course, love. For someone with such a weak imagination like myself, it really is great when there's descriptions of things… it's one of the main hooks that pull me in a story and when it's neglected, I may as well be reading an instruction manual in Japanese.

Anyway, the pacing is decent throughout the book and really picks up at the end. There were no awkward, bored moments ever. The plot and sub-plot were so intriguing that when I did have to put the book down it was with a lot of reluctance. The characters were so great! I loved them all, but Lily was the favorite. She has a quiet, understated strength that works so well. She's also spunky, sassy, and sharp as a tack. I'd love to have her as a friend.

Matt is equally impressive, but he has a shy, self-conscious streak that I'm not a fan of. I suppose Lily's flamboyant side makes up for that though. He is awfully cute, sexy and charming but things got rocky for him during the end conflict. But he so redeems himself! Their romance was truly beautiful. Believable in the natural progression of their feelings for each other I thought.

Overall, HER BOYGUARD is a great read. The plot is intriguing, the characters endearing, the ending is sheer perfection in my eyes (even though I did need a couple tissues). So many memorable scenes and moments that take your breath away, I couldn't help but root for Lily and Matt to get their HEA. And I just love the prologue when we catch up with everyone 5 years later. A couple of factoids; This is the book that started my love for all things old-school mob/mafia related, it's also the second romance I ever read. It's the one that proved to me that the first one I read wasn't a fluke or something. Even now, 10 years later, I still love HER BODYGUARD… my favorite among favorites!


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