August 12, 2012

Review: Don't Tempt Me by Julie Ortolon

Author - Julie Ortolon
Genre - Contemporary
Series - Pearl Island Trilogy #3
Format - Ebook (331p. on my Kindle)
Rating - 3/5 stars
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Adrian St. Claire, the sexy chef at the Pearl Island B&B is as tempting as the dishes he serves. In fact, he’s never had a woman tell him no—until his family needs help searching for a legendary heirloom on the sunken ship in the island’s cove. To find the treasure they need the help of a woman whose family history is as linked as theirs to the island’s romantic past.

As the owner of the Pirate’s Pleasure, Jackie Taylor is far more interested in running her cruise ship along the Texas coast than chasing tales of lost booty, and even less interested in tangling with a man who collects female admirers just by walking down the street. On top of that, helping the St. Claires could dredge up secrets she’d like to remain buried.

Enticed by Jackie’s resistance, Adrian soon has something more than treasure hunts and casual flirtation in mind… and he’s not a man who takes no for an answer. But will they each have the courage to risk their hearts for the greatest treasure of all—falling in love?

• Review •
DON'T TEMPT ME started out excellently. I'm talking '5+ stars and making room for a physical copy on my keeper shelf' excellent. For a little more than half the book I was captivated and in love, I had issues but they seemed so petty that I just turned a blind eye to them. But from about 56% onward it started going downhill quickly until I was tempted (heh) to DNF within the final 10-15%. By the time I read the final word I hated the book.

What I hated the most was the characters. Especially Jackie, whom I never did truly like. There's absolutely zero growth with her. She's as awful at the end as she was in the beginning. But Adrian did start out with some potential. I couldn't stand how much he was constantly having to placate Jackie and her fears/insecurities throughout the story though! I was getting frustrated by all the ways he bent over backwards for her and she was too self-absorbed to really see it. And when she did see it, she denied it and his love. To dramatic effect as well when she got physically ill when he said he loved her. Really?! Adrian sums up Jackie pretty accurately here though…

"…you're a goddamned coward without enough backbone to stand up for yourself!" (p.306 location 4328 on Kindle)

I couldn't have said it any better myself. Unfortunately, he stays with her! So, yeah. I feel he's a first-class fool who's TSTL. I was completely disappointed with DON'T TEMPT ME. While there was good things, especially in the beginning, I wish I had never read this book. Thankfully I only borrowed it from lendle. One thing I will say though, is this book has the best smexy scenes in the whole series. Very hot stuff indeed. Is it enough for me to recommend? Nope. Although, if you've read the rest of the series, you may as well read this one for completions sake.

Favorite moments:

- When Adrian gives Jackie her first baking lesson… So hawt. I could get behind baking with an instructor like that!


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