August 7, 2012

Review: Playing Love's Odds by Alison Kent

Author - Alison Kent
Genre - Romantic Suspense
Series - N/A
Format - Ebook (189p. on Nook)
Rating - 4/5 stars
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It was not the sort of investigation Logan Burke usually handled. Nowadays he was hired by your average Joe - not sleek, polished corporate players in plush Houston office suites. But it was a straightforward case of industrial espionage with one advantage - a hefty check from ViOPet Chemical Company. All Logan had to do was watch Hannah Evans, a ViOPet employee, and figure out how she was leaking valuable research secrets.

In the six weeks that he spent watching her, Logan began to feel a special bond with Hannah. For the first time in years, he actually considered dumping the case and pursuing the mark. It was not enough to view Hannah across a crowded restaurant or through the lens of a camera. He wanted to breathe her scent. He wanted to hear her voice. He wanted to find the innocence he'd given up on finding in his life again.

Hannah knew someone was following her. She didn't know who he was or why he was there, but his presence was unnerving. It was time to take action, time to let a professional call the shots. She would pay a visit to a private investigator who had come highly recommended - a Mr. Logan Burke.

• Review •
So I apparently lost my review notes which means I'll probably forget something important. Grr! Anyway, PLAYING LOVE'S ODDS was a great book. I loved Logan and Hannah! There is some really awesome tension between those two and when apart they are just as great. From the get-go I was rooting for them, and that desire for their HEA only grew as the story and their past was revealed. The suspense was kind of weak up against the romance in this book, but it is still a solid contender. I didn't feel cheated on that front at all.

My issues were few and rather insignificant but still valid. First the writing seemed odd. I have a hard time describing it. Like overly metaphorical and flowery. But in the same breath, the writing is what pulled me in and made the story a gripping and intense read. Amazingly enough, the pacing was great and there's only a smidge of repetition at the end. My other issue involved the climax scene at the end involving an unmanned runaway airplane with the H/h on board, a fuel truck in the distance, and an unrealistic time limit. The whole scene just rubbed me wrong and no amount of suspension of disbelief made it work for me.

Anyway, this was a great book! Gritty, intense, captivating, sexy and seductive. There were no lulls in the pacing, definitely a page-turner. I'm very satisfied with it and happy to add it to my keeper "shelf".

Favorite moment:

- The love scene in the corvette… Funny, sexy, and playful.


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