December 8, 2011

Review: Christmas Love by Alathea Wright

Author - Alathea Wright
Genre - Contemporary
Series - N/A
Format - eBook
Rating - 2/5 stars

It’s another Christmas Eve for roommates, colleagues, and eternal bickering partners, Lana and Cole. Yet it’s not the same as the previous years, because there is something heavy in the air, charged with electricity and pent-up emotions.

Something happened the previous night, something that could change their relationship and make this Christmas Eve the most special and memorable of them all.

• Review •
I wasn't a fan of CHRISTMAS LOVE unfortunately. I thought the writing was muddled and disjointed with the plethora of "head-hopping" that is done. It didn't make it horribly confusing, but it was enough to keep me out of the story. There's also not much to the plot. It's just foreplay and sex.

As for the characters, there was absolutely no back-story or descriptions (except for penis size and nipple color of course) which made for some bland people. Based on dialog and individual thoughts of the characters, I felt that Lana was very naive and TSTL, and while Cole wasn't awful, he wasn't great either. Just very bland and one dimensional.

Overall, CHRISTMAS LOVE was extremely underwhelming and didn't have much to do with christmas really. Even for a short story, I found it to be lacking. It wasn't long enough to consider DNF (only 57 pages on my nook for pc), but even if it had been I would have finished. The ending was sweet and worth the 30 mins or so it takes to read the story. But not enough for me to recommend it.


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