December 6, 2011

Top Off Tuesday (1)

Top Off Tuesday is hosted by Felicia from Geeky Blogger's Book Blog, Amanda from On A Book Bender, and Christi from Smitten With Reading. The button is courtesy of Missie from The Unread Reader.

My pick for this week is Leather And Lust by McKenna Chase. Now, if you'll excuse me… I need a tissue for the drool…

Jillian Summers is ready to move past a failed relationship and her best friends have the perfect solution. They convince her to forget the suit and tie kind of guy she has always been attracted to and find herself a cowboy lover during their upcoming vacation to a dude ranch in Wyoming. Only her friends bail on her at the last minute, leaving Jillian to face her sexual re-awakening on her own. A wrong turn lands her at the mercy of Jackson Burke. A cowboy who knows how to seduce a woman with just a look. And seduce her he does, much to her delight. The chemistry between them is explosive. So when he asks her to forget going to the dude ranch and stay at his ranch with him for the week, she accepts, eager to experience more of the fiery passion they’d already shared. But will a week with Jackson be enough to sate the hunger this sexy cowboy has awakened in her?


  1. The only thing that would have possibly name that cover better is if the cover model had worn leather pants...or no pants at all.


  2. LOL, my vote is for the no pants!

  3. Can I have some Leather and Lust please! OMG I want a cowboy that looks like that and I wouldn't mind peeling those pants off :) Just saying I would help LOL

  4. Just a tissue? I think I'd need a bucket.

  5. @ Felicia - Right?! =D

    @ Amanda - I'm reserving the bucket for when the pants come off!


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