November 8, 2011

Review: Lonely Millionaire by Carol Grace

Author - Carol Grace
Genre - Contemporary
Series - Miramar Inn #1
Format - eBook (231p.)
Rating - 3/5 stars

Dear Mr. Lonely....Mandy Clayton never answered personal ads, but this was one she couldn't resist and now she was falling for a guy she'd never met.

Adam Gray was not interested in a mail-order romance, but he was willing to write some love letters for his friend. Then he had to go "check out" the bride to be. Off he went on an undercover job at Mandy's Bed and Breakfast in a small California beach town.

Adam was a good guy who always played by the rules, but one look at Mandy and he couldn't help it - he wanted her for himself! He wasn't there to romance his best friend's fiancee. He knew that. It would be wrong... He knew that too.

• Review •
Lonely Millionaire, unfortunately, didn't do it for me. It was a pretty average read overall. Don't get me wrong, it was not a bad story, it just seemed kind of 'blah'. With a lot of redundancy. If I were to describe Lonely Millionaire in one word, that word would be 'stagnant' except for at the end, which was rushed.

There were some good things in Lonely Millionaire, such as Adam (hot, charming, charismatic). Even though I didn't like her, Mandy was an okay character. She could be a bit pathetic at times, but she didn't fall into the TSTL category for me at least. The side characters were done perfectly. They were there, and made cameo appearances, but there wasn't whole chunks of story devoted to them. That really worked for me.

The tension between Mandy and Adam is certainly steamy. It would have been nice if they had had a love scene… even if it was fade to black. It never happens though. We just get some heavy duty kissing, and extremely light petting.

Overall Lonely Millionaire was an okay read. It was written well enough for me to keep turning the page. The plot was interesting and believable. It had some cutesy/giggly, funny moments. I'm happy that I read it, because it was fresh and lighthearted. I'd recommend it to those looking for a light comfort read, that are willing to suspend their disbelief for a little bit.


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