October 25, 2011

Review: Take Me by Grace Samuels

Author - Grace Samuels
Genre - Erotica
Series - Naughty Nooners
Format - eBook (@16p.)
Rating - 2/5 stars

"I want to taste you." His voice seduced her. His body, costumed in a linen kilt and a mask of the ancient Egyptian lion-headed god of the massacre, made her body burn.

It was inappropriate, unprofessional, but when he spoke, "I'm not a gentle lover. I'll take you fast. I'll take you hard, and I won't stop until we've both come," Diana willingly took the plunge into decadence, forgetting where they were and who she was.

• Review •
This review will be harder than most to write because every issue I had was due to one single matter that would be a spoiler for me to discuss here. So I will start by talking about what I liked—which isn't much.

I loved all the little details that Take Me had. Things were described so vividly that in my minds eye I could see every little nuance of something. And, I just have to say, I want Diana's dress! Another aspect I loved was the ending. It was a twist that was so totally unexpected. Pretty sure my mouth fell open and stayed like that for several minutes.

The writing was done well and had a nice flow to it that I wasn't expecting either. I really need to work on my pre-judging of a book based on price/genre. I'm such a snob sometimes! The writing almost had a lyrical flow to it. I quite enjoyed it.

Now for my issues… Thad struck me as some sort of creepy, perverted stalker type. I did not like him at all. (And, seriously… tattoos and piercings are not attractive to everybody… *gag* I could have done without that completely, thanks o_O). I also thought he was a sociopath, which in turn built a strong dislike for Diana, whom I affectionately refer to as Dimwit. I thought she was TSTL. If it hadn't been for the writing and the fact that this was a short story I would have walked away and DNF'ed it then and there.

There wasn't much characterization done in Take Me either. And the plot? What plot? There was none. This book can be summed up in three parts. Epic-fail for the start, mediocre sex, then surprise end. There isn't much else. I'm glad it was free, that's for sure. Had the "spoiler issue" been made evident at the start of this short story, I would have been much happier with matters and Take Me would have been given a higher grade. It had potential, but failed to deliver.


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