October 27, 2011

Review: Hold Me by Lucianne Rivers

Author - Lucianne Rivers
Genre - Erotic Thriller
Series - Caldwell Sisters #1
Format - eBook (69p.)
Rating - 3/5 stars

Still reeling from her mother’s death, news anchor Jane Caldwell’s life is upended further when she learns the father she lost twenty years ago is still alive. Her mother’s will unleashes a manhunt—the Caldwell sisters must find their father, or their mother’s estate will not be settled, and their questions about his disappearance will remain unanswered.

Jane’s search leads her to Guatemala to investigate a man who claims to be her father and heir to the family fortune. Needing a translator, she enlists enigmatic Harrison DeNeuve, a sexy ex-patriot with a penchant for wearing dark sunglasses in public.

As Jane struggles to reunite with her would-be father, Harrison fights to suppress his desire for Jane. He has a secret—one he’s sequestered himself in a third-world jungle hideaway to keep safe—and falling for Jane puts more than his heart at risk.

Jane finds two men in Guatemala—a father and a lover—but can she trust either of them?

• Review •
I had mixed feelings about Hold Me. I wanted to love it, but it was kind of "meh". The greatest aspect of this novella was Cady. OMG! Was that man hot! As much as I loved him, I hated Jane on an equal level, if not more so. Ugh… TSTL to the nth degree.

She's pathetic, desperate, weak, immature, and dependant. I'm surprised she can manage to go to the bathroom without having someone hold her hand. I had violent urges to beat her with a tire-iron. Or just, you know, throw my ereader. I'm getting really tired of reading about these types of women. I'm pretty sure those types are the minority and not the majority in the real world.

Anyway, despite that, the book was decent. Not great, but not bad. The sex was a scorcher though! I think my ereader started to steam during a few of those scenes. o_o The writing, overall, was pretty average. For an ebook the editing was great. Only one misspelled word, if I remember correctly. Pacing was fast… Maybe a bit too much at the end though, because it definitely felt rushed.

I wasn't happy with the "HEA" at all. It was tossed in as an afterthought I believe, because it was only one sentence. Not even consisting of a declaration of love. What is up with that lately?! "Hey, I don't know if I love you or not, but the sex is great… so let's get married!!" O_o

Overall, it was a fun, HOT, sexy, fast-paced, intriguing read. I'm glad I read it because Cady is sooo worth it! The suspense plot was lame, but if you look at Hold Me as strictly an erotic novella with a dash of story you'll be good. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in the series.


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