January 9, 2012

Review: Dear Cupid by Julie Ortolon

Author - Julie Ortolon
Genre - Contemporary
Series - N/A
Format - Ebook (@320p.)
Rating - 3/5 stars
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Once upon a time, there was a redhead named Kate Bradshaw who naively thought Happily Ever After was just a heartbeat away. One kid, one divorce, and a stack of bills later, Kate isn't necessarily a candidate for Man-Haters Anonymous, but she's not winning any points with the love-struck readers of her Dear Cupid advice column either. If she's going to keep her job, she needs a man to remind her that romance can be fun. Someone attractive. Someone easygoing. Someone with whom she can polish her rusty flirting skills — and absolutely nothing more. Enter Michael Cameron…

One might think a drop-dead handsome movie animator would have no problem marrying himself off. As Kate soon discovers, one would be sorely mistaken. A little too attached to his shabby bachelor pad couch and rumpled Hawaiian shirts, Michael is counting on Kate to turn him into husband material and find him a wife. But little does Kate know that this is just Michael's plan to convince her to give love a second chance and to look for the future Mrs. Cameron in the most obvious place of all: the mirror…

• Review •
I enjoyed DEAR CUPID. It was a fun, silly, quirky, colorful read. It had moments of absurdity but it worked for me somewhat. The writing was great and was the strongest trait of the book. Pacing and dialog were both very good too. I was sucked into this story and even though it was predictable in some aspects it was still a fun "escaper" for me.

The characters were alright, but Kate was very annoying and that, unfortunately in a round-about way, reflected on the whole cast. While I tried to like her, I just couldn't get past some issues that bothered me on a personal level. Mainly with the choices she makes in raising her son. By the time the conflict starts gathering steam, she hit the TSTL territory for me. Also my dislike for her eclipsed any feelings I may have had for the others. The rest of the cast was just kind of… there. Even Mike was just average.

I also had trouble buying into the romance. I couldn't believe someone would go to the lengths that Mike did to be with Kate after a 2 minute or so initial meeting. And nothing is shown to prove there's anything besides a physical attraction between the two. Overall though, I was happy with DEAR CUPID. It had just the right amount of humor and pace that kept me turning the pages. Along with the smexy times! :p This book is a perfect, mindless "beach" read. It worked well for me to read during the crazy holiday season.



  1. I love quirky and fun :) Sometimes a book is just meant to distract you for a few hours so that you can smile!

    1. Yes! Exactly. The greatest and safest form of distraction for me. :)


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