January 15, 2012

Island Announcement

Unfortunately, while it's been a blast, I need to step away from the blog for awhile. I've been making  plans to move halfway across the country (NY to Texas… scary o_o) and that has added a ton of stress to my already stressful life. In light of that, I need to keep my priorities in order and the blog is low-man on the totem. I'll still continue reading—albeit not as obsessively—and reviewing on Goodreads (My profile is here, I hope to see y'all over there!).

I'll probably be more active in commenting on other blogs too lol. And, of course, I'll still be on twitter because I love it! I'm not sure when/if I'll be back to the blog. I'm hoping I will and sooner rather than later. I have 3 reviews scheduled for this coming week and next Monday that will still be posted. I just want to thank everyone that has followed me even though I read slow and couldn't post on a regular basis :x Means a lot that y'all stuck with me. ♥ Happy reading, everyone.


  1. (((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))))))))

    Sending good moving thoughts your way!

    1. ((((( hugs! )))))

      Thank you, Felicia! I can use all the good thoughts I can get.


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