December 26, 2011

Review: 2000 Kisses by Christina Skye

Author - Christina Skye
Genre - Contemporary
Series - SEAL and Code Name #1
Format - Paperback (374p.)
Rating - 2/5 stars
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A year 2000 computer glitch got her $1 million and a cowboy—and the wildest adventure of her life…

P.R. whiz Tess O'Mara is burned out. She's looking for a change. Something wild and crazy. The year 2000 has arrived. And that's when the trouble begins. A computer glitch has deposited one million dollars into her bank account. Problem is, it's somebody else's money, somebody who's willing to kill to find it—and Tess has already spent a big chunk of it on a new wardrobe and a powder-blue Mercedes convertible. Suddenly Tess is running for her life, as fast and as far as she can go…

…until she reaches the sleepy desert town of Almost, Arizona. Sheriff Jake McCall, a dead ringer for Mel Gibson, is there to catch her as she careens into town and collapses from heatstroke in his arms. Jake's prepared for anything—except the spoiled city slicker with trouble in her wake. The last thing he expects is to fall for her. But as danger tracks Tess to her door, something unexpected happens that will transform two very different people, and one dusty, dead-end town, forever…

• Review •
2000 KISSES didn't do it for me, and it's such a shame because Christina Skye is usually a hit more than a miss. But this book is definitely low-man on my list. The whole thing seems contrived. I'm not led to believe something, I'm told to believe it so to speak. The plot had potential but was just so forced and unnatural. The pace was super slow in the beginning that I almost DNF. I was bored. The writing and dialog though were enjoyable enough to keep me reading.

The characters weren't that great either. Tess is the classic TSTL woman. She reminded me of the bimbos in those slasher movies from years ago which led to many wallbanger moments… T.J. wasn't too bad until the end, but then he must have been hanging out with Tess too long, because by the end I wanted to throttle him too. They certainly make a good couple in theory. Not in practice though since everything between them seemed forced and fake. I would have given the romance part 1 point but it was a touch easier to believe at the end, so I raised it a point.

Overall, I can't recommend 2000 KISSES unless you are like me and want to read it based on the fact you've read almost all the authors other books. While the writing was decent, I feel it could have used another read through by someone, because it felt like there was several missing scenes that made following what was going on confusing. I kept checking page numbers thinking my book was missing pages. It wasn't. Also I think a more appropriately named title would be How Convenient That… since I said that so much during my reading the book. It was annoying after awhile. Despite the plot holes I did enjoy the writing enough so that I didn't DNF the book.



  1. :( Hate it when a book doesn't work out for ya ---However, you gotta try, huh?

  2. Yeah, absolutely had to try. I probably shouldn't have finished it, but sometimes it's hard to walk away :x


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