November 17, 2011

Review: Rescue Me by Sydney Laine Allan

Author - Sydney Laine Allan
Genre - Contemporary
Series - N/A
Format - eBook (273p.)
Rating - 3/5 stars

She's does all the rescuing. But love has a way of changing everything.

Hailey Jensen is in the rescue business--animal rescue--and more than willing to risk life and limb for fowl or fauna. Just when life couldn't get better, her world crumbles. Her identical twin has cancer, and her marine rescue is failing before it even gets started. Lacking coping skills, she takes refuge behind sarcasm and solitude.

But, thanks to Dr. Rainer Hartmann, her sister's friend and a man who mistakes overbearing control for helping, she finds herself on the opposite end of the control stick. A wildly independent woman, Hailey fights with the determination of a bulldog as Rainer struggles to drag her out of despair...and into his arms.

• Review •
Personally, I felt Rescue Me had potential but failed to deliver. It was a cute story, but nothing about it was memorable. The plot was very weak and at times I questioned what the point was. The pace was fairly average too. But I think that was due to the tangents that the characters went off on. It seemed rambly with useless information.

The characters were okay but, again, not very memorable. And there were two I really had a problem with… namely Hailey's mother and sister. I hated those two with a passion, and Hailey's constant drive to seek their approval was frustrating and annoying. There were times I wanted to throw the book. I also didn't buy into Hailey and Rainers (wth kind of name is that?) relationship. It was very contrived.

Overall though, despite some issues I had, Rescue Me was cute enough and engaging enough for me to enjoy. But I'm happy it's over. The ending was too sweet though, how everything works out perfectly but there's a huge disconnect when it comes to the 'how' it came to that conclusion. I recommend it to someone who is very bored and comes into this story with low expectations and nothing else to read. While it was okay enough, I wouldn't read this one again.


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