October 17, 2011

Review: Saying Yes by Barbara Elsborg

Author - Barbara Elsborg
Genre - Erotic Comedy
Series - Naughty Nooners
Format - eBook (28p.)
Rating - 5/5 stars

Zadie’s negative attitude leads to the loss of her boyfriend, job and flat. Now she’s determined to be a yes girl. Yes, she’d love to flat sit while the owner is away, but one look at the mess and she wishes she’d said no.

No is the last thing Tristan expects to hear when he proposes in front of his girlfriend’s family. Humiliated, he hides out in his brother’s empty flat without asking because he really doesn’t want to hear another no.

What he needs is a woman who’ll say yes…yes…yes… Could that be Zadie?

• Review •
So friggin funny! I loved this story. It was hot, hilarious, silly, fun, cute, and sweet. All that and more in only 28 pages! It could have been a lot longer though. I seriously want more of Tristan (Dibs!) and Zadie. I'd love to watch their love unfold naturally. And learn more about them in the process.

The conflict was a bit lame. I could have done without that completely. In a story this short, detracting from the happy vibes is a major faux pas for me. And the epilogue seemed forced. These characters weren't done, but they were silenced nonetheless. I had some trouble with the British (?) terminology too. But it wasn't bad enough to totally take away from the story, and at least I knew what a flat was!

Overall, I'm happy with this short story. I couldn't stop laughing… and I'm still laughing at some scenes and it's been awhile already! It's categorized as an erotic story but I didn't feel that was accurate. It's certainly sexy and the sex is the main focus, but it wasn't raunchy enough for me to claim it as an erotic read in my opinion. I highly recommend Saying Yes! It's a super hot, fast, funny read that will have you sniggering your lunch break away.


• Favorite Quotes •
"You've probably used all the hot water," he said. "Can I get in?"
"Yes." Oh fuck, did I say that? The word had slipped past her brains quality control.
≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈
The almost smile on his face turned into a full-on beam, and Zadie's pussy gurgled "I'm here".
≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈ ♥ ≈
"Oh God, can I keep you? You don't need batteries, do you?" she whispered.

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  1. Sounds like a really fun shortie! I'll have to look into it! Great review!


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