September 30, 2012

Review: Impact by Tiffinie Helmer

Author - Tiffinie Helmer
Genre - Contemporary
Series - Wild Men of Alaska
Format - Ebook (50p.)
Rating - 5/5 stars

He’ll fight anyone or anything to get her back.

Alaska State Trooper Skip Ozhuwan has waited five years to reunite with Wren Terni, the woman he’s always loved. Flying back home for his sister’s wedding with only him and Wren in a chartered bush plane guarantees he’ll have her undivided attention.

Ever since Skip arrested her five years earlier, Wren vowed never to lay eyes on him again. She’s gotten sober and made a life for herself that she’s proud of. Seeing Skip now throws her into a tailspin.

When the plane crashes, forcing them to battle a violent arctic storm, outwit predators, and dispose of a dead body, they must find a way to get past their differences if they are to survive to have a future together.

That is if they don’t kill each other first.

• Review •
Excellent read! I loved this short story so much. Great characters, location, humor. I especially loved being in Wren's POV. She's a funny, funny girl! I couldn't ask for much more. Very pleased with this, and was very entertained as well. I'd read it again, and I can't wait to read the other books in the series.

The only thing that kind of bothered me was Wren's name… I kept misreading it as When on my tiny phone, which was a pain each time :(. Damn eyes playing tricks on me! Unfortunately, that was the sole reason I didn't add IMPACT to my favorites list. But you still can't go wrong with this quick shorty and I recommend it to those who like second chance romances with a satisfying HEA. This is definitely a permanent fixture on my digital Keeper Shelf!

Cover musings:

Love it. It imparts a strong sense of adventure for me and has a yummy guy to drool over. Win.

Favorite moment:

- When Skip needed help with the zipper… Was definitely a lol moment!


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