August 24, 2012

Review: Heartfire by Karen Rose Smith

Author - Karen Rose Smith
Genre -Contemporary
Series - Search For Love #5
Format - Ebook (190p. on Kindle)
Rating - 2/5 stars

Tessa Kahill, renowned journalist who travels the world, is falling in love with her best friend's husband all over again. A rocky road, a man and woman who are searching for love and a little boy who holds his own secret. They could become a real family if they all become vulnerable and honest with each other. A heartfire has been burning for years. Will it lead to everlasting love?

• Review •
I can't believe I finished reading HEARTFIRE. I kept expecting it to get better, but it did the opposite and only got worse as I continued reading. I'm very disappointed with this book and can't recommend it. The first half of the book was decent, I thought it was a cute story with a Leave It To Beaver vibe to it. The tension between the H/h was pretty good as well. There's no smexy times at all though. Until the last 10% or so I was pretty indifferent about the characters, neither liking nor disliking them. The end showed how stupid and spiteful they were though.

There was also tons of redundancy in this novella. Definitely not something I like. Progression is a good thing, People! I got tired of seeing the H/h regurgitate their issues over and over again to each other with no resolutions. That should have been my first sign that this book just wasn't going to work for me. And the end was just really bad. Very abrupt and tidy… sunshine, lollipops, and unicorn farts, anyone? Had this been a physical book, I would have thrown it at the wall, then directly into the recycle bin. But I just growled at my nook and told the receptionist at the dentist office after she gave me a strange look, "Do not get this book!!! It is soooo bad!" The only thing I liked was how well the author wove the story. What can I say? It's a well written book that sucks you in and you never realize how shitty it really is until you're nose deep and that's all you can smell…

Cover musings:

That's one scary looking cover. Really, really scary…


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