July 11, 2012

Review: Needing Nita by Norah Wilson

Author - Norah Wilson
Genre - Contemporary
Series - Serve and Protect #3.5
Format - Ebook (130p.)
Rating - 4/5 stars

Attorney Nita Reynolds is hot for Det. Craig Walker, but he's given up asking her out. She doesn't date cops… until a doctor's call makes her re-examine her priorities. Believing she has a brain tumor like the one that killed her father, she vows to make love to Craig Walker while she still has her full faculties. By the time the doctor realizes he's mixed up the scans, she's in way too deep.

~ What I Liked: The great characters! Even though there wasn't much back story on them, they were fleshed out very well. I got to know and like them based strictly on their personalities. I was rooting for them and so happy when they got their HEA!

I also loved the subtle humor. It felt so natural. Along with the romance, that despite happening fast, was so believable. The writing was choppy at first, but quickly evened out and became enjoyable. Honestly, this is more of a "what didn't I like?!" So, let's get to that.

~ What I Didn't Like: My biggest issue was the intimacy between the H/h was too soon. Granted, it wasn't first thing to start the story, but was close enough. It seemed like they weren't ready, and since I didn't know them well enough yet, I wasn't either. It was very lukewarm. It would have been—and was—a ton better had they bonded/chatted over drinks or a meal first. As it is, it came off very forced and contrived. Not sexy at all.

~ Final Analysis: A really great story. I thought it was a quick, sweet and sexy treat. The rocky start is greatly eclipsed by a wonderful middle and finish. I'm satisfied with it and will gladly send it to my "keeper" shelf.



  1. I am on the get to know each other before jumping into bed side of the tracks too. It does sound like it was really good otherwise though so going on my wishlist :)

    1. Absolutely. And the intimacy after they spend time outside of the bedroom is something I found to be quite touching. I kind of got misty eyed during one love scene because it was so moving. Definitely, a first for me! lol

      Hope you enjoy it if/when you read it!


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