September 30, 2011

Review: Shaken & Stirred by Sable Jordan

Author - Sable Jordan
Genre - Erotic Thriller
Series - Kizzy Baldwin series Book #1
Format - eBook (51p.)
Rating - 4/5 stars

Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin has a mission with a simple objective: Steal a formula while attending the festivities on the villainous Xander Duquesne's luxury yacht. There's just one problem—she has no idea it's a BDSM party.

Dom and criminal mastermind Xander is a man who likes to be prepared. But the unexpected run-in with Kizzie throws him for a loop. Will he give her what she came for, or a little something extra?

• Review •
I was completely blown away by Shaken and Stirred. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. It's a well written, fast-paced, edgy read. The plot is believable, the characters to die for, the dialog off the hook. I'm seriously trying not to squee at the moment.

I love Kizzy! She is smart, quick, sarcastic. I think I may have a girl-crush here. Xander is intriguing and mysterious, and insanely hot. I even liked the side characters! Only thing is, it would have been nice to get to know them all a little bit more. But I understand being a short story some things need to be cut.

I had just one major problem with Shaken and Stirred; the cliffhanger. And it was no subtle cliffhanger which is somewhat tolerable. This one was an in-your-face kind which means the next book, due out in October, will either be epic or highly disappointing. I'm eagerly awaiting an epic continuation.

Anyway, Shaken and Stirred is not a typical erotic read. There's an actual story here that is highly compelling, one that sucked me in from the very start, and didn't let go until the last word. I was hooked.


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